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Vita Liberata - Invisi Foaming Tan Water - 200 mL

Vita Liberata's new invisi foaming tan water is a pure formula which has been designed to tan your skin, from medium to deep shades. Created with supercharged organic botanicals to deliver deep hydration and skin nourishing benefits giving you the cleanest, most natural glow! Prior to tanning, ensure skin is clean and exfoliated but do not apply any moisturizer based products. Use a tanning mitt to massage the mousse into your skin in large circular movements. Leave on skin for 4-8 hours before showering off with water.


"Vita Liberata Invisi Foaming Tan Water is a year round staple for me. I love that I can apply it on the go and since it is clear, I don’t have to worry about color transfer on my clothes." - Marisol Ros