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Honey Glow Mask | Aloisia Beauty - 1 Mask

Honey Glow Mask is enriched with a deeply nourishing blend of Honey, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract, and Camelia Sinesis (Green Tea Extract) to purify, soothe, and moisturize inflamed, irritated skin associated with acne, dryness, and environmental stress, while promoting a radiant glow. the mask’s silky Luxe Cupra fabric allows for deeper-penetrating and even absorption, and stays firmly and comfortably in place during application.

BENEFITS: Purifying / Soothing / Restoring

PRO TIP: Excellent for post-treatment care and maintenance, masks can also be used during treatment.

RECOMMENDED FOR: All Skin Types, Oily, dry, and/or acne-prone skin, Irritated and/or environmentally-stressed skin, Dull, lackluster skin

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