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Full Spectrum CBD Boo Boo Butter (300mg) | SUPA Naturals - 2 oz

Whether it be skin irritation as a result of a visit to the groomers, a reaction to food sensitivities, cuts, dry noses or pads of the feet; Bailey’s Best Boo Boo Butter comes to the rescue!

Their PETA-Certified Vegan and Cruelty-Free Boo Boo Butter for pets is a more emollient version of our SUPA Naturals Body Butter and contains only all-natural ingredients that are safe for furry friends if ingested. The formulation ensures that the butter will stay on the skin longer for the CBD to work it’s magic to heal and soothe the effected area of the pet.

Pro Tip: May be used preventatively on noses and pads of feet to ensure the pet is protected from extreme hot or cold weather conditions.


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