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Bio-Magnetic Functional Sheet Mask | Julie Lindh Skin Expert

Bio-Magnetic Functional Sheet Mask | Julie Lindh Skin Expert

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The Bio-Magnetic Functional Sheet Mask by Julie Lindh uses the force of magnets to transform your skin.

What it is:
The sheet masks are woven with actual magnets that create an anti-aging force field around your face.

What it does:
This revolutionary sheet mask uses magnets that interact with your own cellular bio-magnetism to smooth out signs of aging such as wrinkles and fine lines, reduce inflammation, eliminate puffiness, and deeply moisturize. Magnetic stimulation also helps to detoxify and normalize cellular activities. Rubbing the magnetic dots on the mask provides a delightful facial massage. After just one use your skin will look radiant, and clearer.

Who’s it for:
_ Normal skin
_ Oily skin
_ Combination skin
_ Sensitive skin

Pro Tip: great when you have tired and dull skin - it gives the skin microcirculation and when pressing on the dots, it does acupressure