Ad Astra | KYPRIS

Ad Astra | KYPRIS

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Ad Astra | KYPRIS - 0.47 fl oz/13.9 mL

Gentle nighttime care for stargazers.
Kypris Ad Astra is a luscious emulsion of botanicals and peptides that gently infuses the eye area with generous moisture and a smoothed appearance complementing your nightly rest.


With kind eyes and gentle hands, pat a thin layer of Ad Astra in crescent shapes above and below the eye beginning from the eye’s inner corner tracing up to the brow bone and down to the eye’s outer corner. Excess may be applied between eyebrows, across forehead, or around mouth. For best results, follow with your favorite KYPRIS Serums, Elixirs, & Moisturizers. For external use only.

Perfect For: most skin types, especially those desiring generous moisture for dry, dehydrated, or tired eye areas.

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